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I am a fully qualified Maths Teacher / Tutor in Melbourne with 18 years of experience helping students of all abilities achieve their very best.

Introducing Your Maths Tutor

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I not only teach Maths, but understand why the student is underachieving.

I have vast experience in identifying each student’s preferred learning style and needs. Based on this assessment, I create an individualized learning plan for each student.

My students have access to a wide variety of tried and tested resources to suit each individual learning need.

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My Education Services

When you book a lesson with me, you not only get a one on one lesson but also receive the following support


Free Quarterly newsletter with hints and tips


Mark and check


Advice and support for parents


Communication with the teacher


Help Yr 10-12 Students with queries between lessons

I offer a collaborative approach to improving, enjoying and excelling in maths by working with parents, teachers and the student.

Why Work With Me?


Why Work With Me?

Reviews from Parents

Selvi has been tutoring our son in Maths for over two years and we would highly recommend her. With Selvi’s help there has been a marked improvement in his results and as a consequence, an increase in confidence.

Reviews from Students

Selvi helped me prepare for the numerical reasoning component of the MFB aptitude test. Selvi was encouraging, supportive and very knowledgeable. The additional resources Selvi provided were useful and helped my understanding and confidence of the subject. A very positive experience, thank you Selvi!